This invention provides an air freshener dispenser

by:BrightMart     2020-07-26
The cartridge has an elongated thermoplastic hollow body configuration with a sealed internal reservoir chamber of liquid air freshener medium, and the upper section of the cartridge body is shaped to a flat shallow extension of the cartridge chamber. A thin wick matrix extends internally from the cartridge chamber bottom up to the top of the chamber shallow extension. The cartridge has an integrally structured means adapted for removal of a top portion of the cartridge chamber shallow extension to expose an upper section of wick matrix to the atmosphere. The electrical plug housing is detachably secured and positioned proximate to the cartridge heating element. Activation of the heating element promotes air freshener dispersion into the atmosphere from the exposed wick. The need for effectively combating airborne malodors in homes and enclosed public buildings, by odor masking or destruction, is well established. Various kinds of vapor-dispensing devices have been employed for this purpose. The most common of such devices is the aerosol container which propels minute droplets of an air freshener composition into the air. Another common type of dispensing device is a dish containing or supporting a body of gelatinous matter which when it dries and shrinks releases a vaporized air-treating composition into the atmosphere. Other products such as deodorant blocks are also used for dispensing air-treating vapors into the atmosphere by evaporation. Another group of vapor-dispensing devices utilizes a carrier material such as paperboard impregnated or coated with a vaporizable composition. A number of recent developments include a liquid air-treating composition in an enclosure, all or part of which is formed of a polymeric film through which the air-treating composition can migrate to be released as a vapor at an outer surface. Use of this type of permeable polymeric membrane controls the dispensing of air-treating vapors and tends to eliminate great variations in the rate of dispensing over the life of the product. Wicking devices are well known for dispensing volatile liquids into the atmosphere, such as fragrance, deodorant, disinfectant or insecticide active agent. Some air freshener dispensers are expensive to manufacture. Other air freshener dispensers are inexpensive to produce, but tend to have inferior construction and functionality. There remains a need for a well-constructed air freshener dispenser device which can be mass-produced economically and which can deliver a vapor medium at a controlled uniform rate over an extended period of time. Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to provide an improved air freshener dispenser device for delivering an odorant and/or deodorant vapor in an enclosed environment. It is a further object of this invention to provide an air freshener cartridge for utility in a heat-activated air freshener dispenser device, wherein the cartridge has an internal air freshener reservoir in contact with a wicking means. A significant advantage derives from the incorporation of heating element in the structure of disposable cartridge. A different heating element can be designed for different air freshener medium formulations. The combination of heating element 36 and specific air freshener medium can be customized for optimum performance. As a further advantage, a present invention air freshener dispenser device can be produced in high volume from relatively inexpensive plastic materials. After usage, the device qualifies for disposal as a non-hazardous solid waste.
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