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'Thunder', the best insecticide for armyworms!!!

'Thunder', the best insecticide for armyworms!!!


 Maize armyworm

The outbreak of maize armyworm could bring destructive damage on maize.

The 5th to 6th instar maize armyworm larvae are in the stage of heavily eating leaves and corn cobs, and breaking maize into corn poles quickly and leave no cobs.


Maize armyworm adults have the characteristics of migratory flying. When the migratory adult insects are forced to land due to encountering wind and rain, the migratory armyworms will easily break out damages locally.

The resistance of armyworm larvae to insecticide enhances with age growth of armyworms. It is necessary to monitor local maize armyworm in time, so as to realize early detection, prevention and control. Try to eliminate maize armyworm before it grows to 3rd instar. The best insecticide to control maize armyworms is to spray ‘Thunder’ (Beta-cypermethrin 5% + Emamectin benzoate 0.5% ME) on whole plant evenly when it is at risky period of armyworm larvae feeding.

Maize borer

Maize borer is a world-wide maize problem. Maize borer larvaes are drill cutting pests. The typical damage symptom is that after the heart leaves are broken down, unfolded corn leaves appear rows of small holes. The damaged plants seeds are not full. In addition, the damaged plant turn wilt with dry premature aging. What worse, some ears lack of seeds seriously, causing severe reduction in yield.

It is recommended to spray our best insecticide for maize armyworm 'Thunder' (Beta-cypermethrin 5% + Emamectin benzoate 0.5% ME) on whole plant evenly to control maize borer larvae.

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