To achieve high yields in soybean cultivation, seed coating is very important.

It rains more in spring, and the low temperature weather during the later spring period is conducive to the occurrence of soybean root rot disease. Coating soybean seeds is a key measure to prevent soybean root rot. It has been proven that soybeans treated with coating have significantly lower incidence of root rot. In order to effectively control the damage of soybean root rot and ensure a good soybean harvest this year, growers should seize the current sowing opportunity and coat soybean seeds as much as possible.

What diseases can be prevented by coating soybean seeds?
1. Soybean root rot disease is one of serious diseases that can affect soybean production. It is caused by a mixture of various pathogens and mainly occurs in the soybean seedling stage. The common symptoms are damage to the stem base and root of the seedling, with the main root lesion appearing as a brown, elliptical, elongated, or irregularly shaped and can extend to the fibrous roots in severe disease plants. The growth of above-ground plant parts is affected, and the seedlings may become stunted or even die.
2. Soybean damping-off disease: After the seedling is damaged, the main root and stem base turn reddish-brown rot, and a sunken red spot forms on the surface of the stem base, with the cortex cracking and ulcerating. Mildly infected seedlings grow slowly and the plant becomes yellow and stunted, while severely infected seedlings have thin and brown stem bases, that may fall over and die.
It is recommended to choose the seed coating fungicide New Spring®. In addition, in areas where insect infestations are severe, it is necessary to use a combination of seed coating insecticide. When using these products, the dosage should strictly follow the instructions, and the coating should be applied evenly, and with proper personnel safety protection measures.
New Spring(Metalaxyl-M 3.3% + Azoxystrobin 6.6% + Fludioxonil 1.1%)
Trial Results:
Crop: Soybean
Dosage: 150ml of New Spring® mixed with 100L of water for seed coating.
Target: Soybean root rot disease