To use gardens in your landscape is a process

by:BrightMart     2020-05-11
Landscape gardening is started with a blueprint of your lawn or yard. It is easier to visualize on paper than in your head. If you do not like something, it is easier to change on paper than in your yard as well. This blueprint shall include everything in the yard and what will be added. Review the blueprint and make any changes you see necessary. If you do not like a border or type of plant in an area, now is the time to change it. Remember some plants like shade and some like direct sunlight. Organize everything you will need for the project. Professional landscapers have a trailer full of tools designed for special jobs. The plant list should be on the blueprint. Take this list and get the plants at a qualified landscape store. They will also assist you with the fertilizer and chemicals you will need. When you have the tools you need, plants, chemicals and fertilizer, you are ready to begin. If you do not want to handle chemicals and fertilizers, a professional may be the way to go. You must rid the garden areas of grass and weeds. You can do this by spraying or tilling many times. Mark out the shape of your garden area and spray a herbicide on the area. When the foliage has wilted you can till the area with a garden tiller. Rake out all sod and test your soil. Some plants need different types of soil, make sure the soil is right for your plant choice. When soil meets the requirements, it is time to plant them. Most plants have direction on how to plant them. When your gardens are planted, they need special care. This is generally not as time involved as preparing your gardens but it still is a timely process. Your gardens need water and fertilizer on regular basis. You must check them for diseases and damages from insects and animals. It may be a good idea to have your professional landscaper stop from time to time to assist in these conditions. Landscaping with gardens can make your yard or lawn stand out. You can use rock borders or landscape blocks to set your gardens apart. There are figurines and other decorations that can add to your garden.
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