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by:BrightMart     2020-05-22
The next steps in natural vitamins are extracted. Companies like Natural biology use a variety of powder extracts, since extracts of powders, concentrated to deliver more of the active ingredient. For example, an extract of grape seeds will receive a higher level of polyphenols and resveratrol in the same antioxidant properties. Moreover, if an extract is obtained using the best methods, it is cleaner than an organic vitamin and delivers more active ingredients. Good extracts are the best form of multivitamins physics, because it offers more micro-nutrients to your body, and therefore a greater benefit. Natural extracts of vitamins are by far the costliest natural multivitamin. When the natural biology has been the design of the Earth and Sea EVEREST formula, we had a couple of options when you consider the extract of grape seeds. We could have used a form of natural grape seed powder vitamin that would cost the company around $6 per Kg. We could have used a powdered organic grape seed around $ 12 a kilo, but the designer, Steve Bruner, decided to use grape seed extract purified to 95%. In addition, there were two options, a selection of grape seed extract 98% Chinese and 28 U.S. dollars a kilo or use of grape seed extract polyphenols 98% French 50% $ 185 a kilo. He used the grape seed extract, French 95% / 50%, which is the purest and most potent grape seed extract available and offers a much more effective than any other. Efficiency is the way the human body actually uses a natural vitamin, bioavailability, and the measurable benefits of the blood, etc. Finally a good multivitamin natural that the Everest of the Earth & Sea formula uses organic vitamins (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and probiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, glyconutrients, and adaptogenics herbs) and natural vitamin extracts from the best sources worldwide. So in the future, when someone says organic or natural vitamins, it cannot say the best. The lesson is to teach the few companies that make the formula using the ortho-molecular formulations for the best product possible.
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