Various fungal diseases of cucurbit, let's easily control them only by Leapary

There are many fungal diseases of melons, which often cause big troubles for growers, such as: leaf spot, powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, etc. These fungal diseases are difficult to control, once treatedt afterdiseases occurred, it will often cause residual disease spots and unhealthy leaves, which will affect yields, so growers should spray preventive fungicide in advance.

It is recommended a top protection performance of fungicide - Leapyra, lots of field trials have shown that Leapyra can protect melons from fungal diseases in a long-term, make melons grow more flourish, and promote the growth of melon fruits.

Leapyra (Pyraclostrobin 25% + Fluopyram 25%) SC

This product has the function of disease prevention and leaf protection, extending the harvesting period, storage period and shelf freshness period of crops, protecting crops from fungal diseases for a long time, improving quality.

Product features:

1. The unique "flexible" chain structure reduces the pesticide resistance.

2. It can absorb N, C, Ca and other elements and produce protein, increase yields significantly.

3. The waxy layer settles and redistributes, and the effective period is as long as 30 days.

4. It has double functions of protection and treatment, high safety and easy to use.

Recommended usage technique:

Application method:
During the early flowering period and fruit harvesting period, spray this product for prevention and protective diseases once each.
Spray with 1500-2000 times dilution of the product

Field Trials: powdery mildew
Crop: Cucumber
Dosage: 1500 times dilution
        CK group                                                           Treatment group