Wearing a pair of cool sunglasses is very cool

by:BrightMart     2020-06-29
First, we should utilize soft cotton cloth or specific glass paper to sweep away the dust and dirt on the lenses. If there is stain, oil, or fingerprint, we can irrigate the lenses with professional detergent and clean water, instead of eliminating them by hands or finger nails. There is one point we should pay special attention---never utilize ultrasound to clean sunglasses with polarized lenses, or it will damage its effect of polarization. Second, do not hang the sunglass on the head, avoiding pulling out the hook. And take off the sunglass carefully when there is no need to wear it. Before laying sunglass into the bag or case, fold it well and put the mirror plane up. Never make the lenses down. Third, put the sunglass into spectacle bag after cleaning it. And remember that do not put sunglass, hard items and sharp objects together, because they can scratch lenses and finish coat. Fourth, remember that never put the sunglass under high temperature for a long time, since it will deform when the temperature is too high. Especially, the sunglass with plastic frame should be avoided lying under high temperature, because this kind of sunglasses is not heat resistant. Fifth, sunglass should be avoided contact with objects that contain chemical elements, such as perfume, insecticide and so on, so that lenses and frame can be free from chemical corrosion. Therefore the sunglass can be protected well. Sixth, be sure to use both hands when we wear and take off sunglasses. Only one hand may cause deformation and breakage on condition that we generate too much strength with one hand. Last but not least, put sunglass into specific spectacle bag when we do not need to wear it for a long time. Keep these tips in mind whenever we use sunglass, and we can make it a long working life.
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