Weeds in a garden can wreak havoc with the normal

by:BrightMart     2020-05-04
However in case the weed problem is widespread then there should be a permanent solution for controlling weeds. In case you have a small garden then you can apply a liquid weedkiller with the help of watering can with a weed killer dribble bar. You can buy herbicide weedkiller solution such as glyphosate. The larger gardens can be treated with the help of using the weed killer with calibrated fertilizer spreader. There are coarse grass weeds that can spoil the appearance of your garden. These weeds cannot be normally destroyed by applying the garden weedkiller. You will need to dig into the coarse grass and then weaken the weed root by slashing it with a sharp knife. You should see to it that your garden is growing grass vigorously which will lessen the growth of weeds. You can concentrate your efforts on mowing the grass regularly and also growing them strongly by ensuring that they receive plenty of water and sunlight. You should ideally apply a feed high in nitrogen content at least once in a year just before spring and see to it that the grass receives plenty of water. You can ideally buy a powered lawn rake to scarify your lawn at least once a year. This is a preventive measure to reduce the chances of wed growth in your garden. In case your garden is in a poor condition because of the growth of weed then you can apply lawn feed to revive it. You can choose a feed that is specially formulated for the season. There are feeds that are formulated for different seasons such as spring and summer. These feeds have more nitrogen content than autumn feeds. You should also water your garden regularly if you want a greener garden. You can make use of a good water sprinkler to maximize the growth of the grass and other plants in your garden. Some other solutions for killing weeds include spraying vinegar over them, applying salt on the weeds and mulching the open areas of the soil. You can also kill weeds by blowing a fire torch over them.
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