What about the plant size of BrightMart?
At BrightMart CropScience, we have a complete set of production equipment and have a team of strong capabilities. This allows our plant to be capable of each order processing within two months. Now the production is just equal to the annual demand. We would like to construct new production lines and to enlarge the plant size, under the circumstance that the natural weed killer is demanded and the industry chain is extended further.

BrightMart plays a leading role in global marketplace of crop nutrition. BrightMart's crop nutrition series include multiple types. BrightMart banana pest control has been evaluated regarding the safety construction such as instrumentation and control, electrical and mechanical equipment, mechanical and structural piping, supports and hangers, etc. This product stands out for its stable physical and chemical properties. It presents the ultimate combination of craftsmanship and elegance, with the aim of ensuring a distinctive and high quality sleep quality experience for customers. It will not easily lose its activity over time.

The goal of we is to lead the prevailing acaricide industry. Inquire!
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