What are main products of BrightMart?
BrightMart CropScience has been dedicating on high quality, low toxicity, more environmental-friendly crop protection products, including Insecticides, Nematicide, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulator and Fertilizer.With years of professional production experience, our product is of high quality and enjoys great reliability among the market. All the products manufactured by us will be conducted a strict test before shipment to ensure finest quality.

Dedicated to rice insecticide industry, BrightMart has rich manufacturing experience. BrightMart's tobacco pesticide series include multiple types. The product has good heat dissipation. Usually constructed from composite metal materials which have a very high thermal conductivity, it features a high rate of heat transfer. This product is used as a means to help farmers improve agricultural productivity. This quality bedding can reduce allergy symptoms. Its hypoallergenicity helps ensure that a person gets the benefits of no allergens in the next few years. Its long-lasting residual control reduces the need to respray.

To be among the innovative acaricide manufacturers is the expectation of BrightMart. Check now!
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