What fields is your miticide applied in?
BrightMart CropScience's miticide products are suitable to be applied on a wide range of crops like citrus, apple, peach, tomato, eggplant, chilli peper, cotton, Ornamental plants etc. It should also be considered along with local market demands and requirements in different countries.

BrightMart is internationally competitive in the market of insecticide. BrightMart's insecticide series include multiple types. The design of BrightMart wheat pest control has been optimized. For example, the system components including reservoirs, heat exchangers, and piping have been improved by our designers. This product has the ability to effectively resist water penetration. This beautifully designed product will bring a different feeling to the color of the room, adding a bright and stylish hue. Applying best-in-class formulation technologies, it has a long-lasting effect.

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