What is a good product that can thoroughly and effectively kill mites for a long time?

After the Qingming Festival, the temperature rises significantly, and the first wave of red spider mite infestations in citrus trees is about to occur. Red spider mites reproduce quickly, with multiple generations per year, and cause long-term damage. They pierce leaves, tender shoots, and fruit surfaces with their mouthparts to suck juice, causing the leaves to turn yellow and eventually fall off in large numbers. This seriously affects the vigor and yield of the trees.
Growers can spray the entire orchard once when the spring shoots of the fruit trees grow to 1-3cm. It is recommended to use a miticide that is not affected by temperature, has a high safety factor, and has a long-lasting effect to protect crops from mite damage and avoid unnecessary economic losses.
While the winter eggs of the red spider mite in citrus trees are hatching and have not yet harmed the spring leaves, I would like to share Almiti PRO with everyone. Using them now can solve all kinds of mite problems in citrus trees at once.
Almiti PRO (Bifenazate 30% + Etoxazole 20% SC)
Product features:
1. High-content bifenazate and etoxazole compound suspension concentrate.
2. The formula was upgraded again with the addition of acaricidal anti-resistance agent, which can effectively relieve resistance to bifenazate, and kill mites more thoroughly.
3. For resistance red spider mites, 24 hours after spraying Almiti PRO, they stop feeding, and within 48-72 hours, most of red spider mites are dead.
4. Added a unique ovicidal additive agent, ensuring long-term control of mites for up to 30 days.
5. This product is not affected by temperature and can efficiently kill red spider mites at high and low temperatures.
6. Almiti PRO is safe for crops with excellent mixing properties, making it safe for use during the flowering and young fruit stage.
Almiti PRO has high content of active ingredients to ensure higher purity and stronger activity. By matching with the synergistic system formula, it can pass through the dorsal seta of harmful mites faster and directly reach the viscera of harmful mites, providing a more thorough killing effect on red spider mites.
Recommended usage and dosage
Spray on leaf with 3000-4000 times dilution of Almiti PRO. 
Trial results:
Crop: Citrus
Dosage: 3000 times dilution
Target: Red spider mites
Before: there are many red spider mites on leaves
8 days after application: All red spider mites were dead.

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