What is the key to preventing and controlling downy mildew and blight diseases?

The spring rain continues and temperature rises, it is also the season for downy mildew and blight diseases to break out. In recent years, due to the irrational use of fungicides, downy mildew and blight disease have occurred serious resistance, the usage of pesticides is increasing, and so on, it has entered a vicious circle with no way out, which cause great economic losses to growers.
Downy mildew, blight diseases are considered to be fast spreading, serious damage, difficult to control, especially in cucumber, watermelon, melon, pepper and other vegetables are easy to lead to devastating disasters, with the characteristics of rapid spread, heavy harm, poor control, serious can cause no harvest.
Dueltrubo (Famoxadone 22.5% + Cymoxanil 30% WG)
Product Features:
1. The mode of action is unique, and the efficacy of strong combination is more stable.
2. Super rain and dew resistance. Redistribution after water encoutering, no need to respray when it rains for two hours.
3. It has protective and control effects, and the prevention effect is the best.
4. Super long-lasting, protecting crops for up to 20 days.
Recommended usage and dosage.
It is recommended to spray 2000~3000 times dilution of Duelturbo in the early stage of crop for downy mildew, blight and late blight diseases.
Field Trial:
Crop: Grape Downy mildew 
Dosage: 2000 times dilution

Before                        2 days after treatment