What to do if weeds are difficult to control in maize fields?

Spring has arrived, and it's time for maize planting and growth, and weeds also emerge during this season. There are many types of weeds in maize fields, and they grow quickly. If weeds are not controlled in time, they will affect the normal growth of maize and reduce yields.

It is suggested that growers should seize the critical period of post-emergence of maize to control weeds in time. During the 3-5 leaf stage of maize and the 2-4 leaf stage of weeds, the weeds have a certain amount of exposed surface area with low resistance, making it the best time for prevention and control weeds.
Maizelent (Topramezone 1% + Atrazine 22.5% + Nicosulfuron 1.5% OD)
Product Features:
1. Broad-spectrum: It has excellent control effect on common monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in maize fields, and is highly effective for crab grass.
2. High Safety: This product contains the safety agent, and has a low concentration of Nicosulfuron, making it safe for many hybrid maize varieties.
3. Quick-acting: This product uses high-quality active ingredient and additive agent, it can kill weeds within 3-7 days when the temperature is around 30°C.
Recommended usage and dosage:
1. Recommended application period: 2.5-8.5 leaf stage of maize, and the best application period: 2.5-4.5 leaf stage of maize.
2. Recommended dosage: When the weeds are at the 2-5 leaf stage, it is recommended to apply Maizelent at a rate of 3L/ha. Choose the sunny & windless day, and spray evenly without over-spraying or missing any areas. In high resistance areas or a large number of weeds in the field, please increase the dosage under the guidance of local agricultural technicians.
Trial Results
Crop: Maize
Dosage: Dilute 200ml of Maizelent with 30L water
Target: monocotyledon and dicotyledonous weeds.

Before                           7 days after application
Before                           7 days after application