Wheat diseases prevention, All-in-One solution

Wheat scab is a common and important disease in the main wheat cultivation areas, in recent years, with the climate change and the increase of straw returning to the field, it shows an increasing trend year by year. After this disease occurred, the infected wheats showed obvious symptoms such as seedling dead, ear rot and stalk rot, which resulted in reduced yield and wheat quality, and caused a serious threat to wheat safety production.

How to effectively control wheat scab?

Pay attention to the wheat heading to flowering stage, which is the best time to prevent and control the occurrence of wheat scab, growers should spray fungicide for the first time. In case of cloudy and rainy weather, be sure to spray fungicide before rain. After 6 hours of spraying, if it rains, growers should spray again.

Choose fungicides that have good control effects on wheat scab, and have both treatment effects on wheat rust and powdery mildew, with rain resistance.

Try to use plant protection drones, self-propelled boom sprayers and other pesticide spraying machinery to ensure the effect of prevention and control.
Product features:
1. Unique solubilization technique, non-antagonistic, not blocking nozzle, suitable for drone spraying.
2. It can effectively control wheat powdery mildew, rust, head blight, sheath blight and other major diseases.
3. Efficiently regulate wheat growth, promote photosynthesis, and improve stress resistance.
4. Promoting wheat grain filling, full grains, and lift up yields.


Treatment group                              CK group