Wheat field blocking weeding, just apply Mifenn as early as possible, the sooner you will feel at ease.

At present, autumn sowing of wheat is being carried out, reasonable use of herbicide for blocking weed after sowing and pre-emergence of wheat can greatly reduce the base number of weeds, reduce the symbiotic damage of weeds in the seedling stage of wheat, ensure effective tillering of wheat, and reduce the application amount of post-emergence herbicide, and delay the development of pesticide resistance.

Blocking wheat field weeds, apply Mifenn as early as possible, and follows the three principles of choosing the right herbicide. Proper method of application, and applying the herbicide at the appropriate stage, aim to achieve the best effect of weed prevention.
Now, we recommend the herbicide with high safety, long-lasting blocking period, wider spectrum of weeds, and more convenient usage method —BrightMart Mifenn, which can effectively prevent and weeding the main harmful weeds in wheat fields, especially resistance grassy weeds and difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds. 
It has excellent prevention and control effect on Beckmannia syzigachne, Alopecurus aequalis, Sclerochloa dural, Chickweed. Based on the results of previous filed trials, Mifenn has the blocking weeding duration of up to 3 months, and it has no any adverse effect on the growth of wheat when used as recommended dosage.

Product features:

Broad-spectrum, excellent efficacy against common annual gramineous weeds such as Alopecurus aequalis, Mat rush, Sclerochloa dura, Poa Annua, and annual broadleaf weeds such as chickweed, cow chickweed, and shepherd's purse.

Long-lasting effect, Mifenn can inhibit the weeds germination before the year and effectively reduce the cardinal number of weeds.

High safety, it does not affect the growth of wheat.