When flea beetle enter a period of high incidence, spraying Beetliss should be earlier

Flea beetles can occur in greenhouses and open-field vegetables, if spray insecticide not in time, the yield of vegetable growers will decrease. Flea beetle adults eat leaves, causing the most serious damage at the seedling stage, often even resulting in the destroy of seedlings, affecting the yield and quality of vegetables; The larvae eat roots, causing wilting and death of plants, and even causing rot to spread soft rot disease.

During the peak period of vegetable flea beetles occurrence, vegetable growers must pay attention to observation and spray insecticide in time. Greenhouse growers can also take advantage of the insect phototaxis and the tending to yellow light of flea beetle to apply attractants for physical prevention.

Just once spray Beetliss, all flea beetles will fall down.

Product features:

Add special additives to increase the penetration of the insecticide, so the solution can completely penetrate the shell of flea beetles and directly kill flea beetles.

Super strong adhesion and extension of strength, when flea beetles feed and crawl, they come into contact with the insecticide solution and absorb it into the body, with long-lasting, stable and reliable efficacy.

Strong contact killing ability and quick-acting, it can quickly kill flea beetles, and take effect immediately after spraying Beetliss.

The product is very safety, no residue, ease of use.


Recommended Application Method:

Apply 30ml of Beetliss diluted in 15L of water, and spray evenly. When spraying, start from the periphery of the field and then the center. Spray evenly and thoughtfully, spray the soil, and completely kill the flea beetles.

Application technique:

It is best to apply the product in the morning and evening when the activity of flea beetles is weak.

When spraying, pay attention to spraying the surrounding area first, and then spraying from the outside to the inside to prevent the flea beetle from escaping.