When you start with ecological gardening, you

by:BrightMart     2020-05-14
Ecological gardening. In an ecological garden you are only allowed to use natural products. This means organic, 100% natural fertilizers which do not only feed the plants but also maintains the life beneath the earth. With organic fertilizers you no longer have to worry about a burn-out. Organic fertilizers provide a long lasting nutrition and can be adapted at any time. Ecologische tuinieren or ecological gardening also puts some pressure upon proactive crop protection. Crop protection means that you as a gardener try to prevent plagues and diseases striking your crops or plants. You can do this by using organic fertilizers, provide a rich soil and use natural plant amplifiers. When a disease or plague strikes you garden, make sure to use only ecological responsible pesticides. These types of pesticides will fight of the plague effectively but in a environmental friendly manner. Ecological pesticides are designed to respect nature, man and animal. So they will not harm any important animals, like a hedgehog or bees. Using ecological pesticides is also better for your vegetable garden. Your vegetables will taste better and are better for your health. How to garden ecologically? Your garden is nature! Green, space and nature are becoming endangered concept these days. Your garden can be your very own nature refugee. Nature is filled with lives that includes all those creepy crawlers too and when you want to control those little animals, why not offer them a hotel. By using an insect hotel you can create a place where they can stay. So do not bother about mieren bestrijden or pest control any longer, just relocate them to somewhere they can live in peace without disturbing you or your garden. The insect hotel Many insects are useful to nature and to humans; they pollinate flowers and maintain the ecological balance within your garden when fighting harmful bugs. Besides, insects are a part of the ecological cycle in your garden. Many plagues and disturbances have decrease the natural habitat of wild bees and Green lacewings. This is the reason why there are so many types of wild bees who are threatened by extinction. The insect hotel partially solves that problem and creates a new kind of habitat for those creatures. In the hotel they can find a warm nesting spot in the winter and refreshment in the summer. The insect can nest in any type of chamber it prefers. Be sure to hang your insect hotel in a sun, wind and rain shielded place, at least at knee height. The entrance of the hotel is best placed facing south, south-west or south-east. That way you can leave the hotel hanging at the same place during winter and summer. Before you know it your hotel will be inhabited with insects like, lady bugs, lacewings, wild bees, buffer flies, wasp and many more. So start you own ecological garden and you will be able to enjoy life in all its facets.
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