A Problem That Cannot be Ignored in Dragon Fruit Orchard

Under the flourishing development of southern fruit industry, more growers began to grow the dragon fruit. However, as the planting area continues to expand, the frequent occurrence of pest and disease is also increasingly prominent. In particular, the cultivation and management techniques of some growers are not standardized, it provides a hotbed for the growth and reproduction of disease and pest. Do you know? Except for the conventional pests and diseases(such as canker, anthracnose, etc.), warm soil also contains the most easily neglected pathogenic organisms——root-knot nematodes.

Dragon fruit root-knot nematode disease causes yellowing of the stems.

Some time ago, many dragon fruit growers in various southern regions posted pictures on the planting exchange group for seeking diagnosis. It was generally reflected that the stems and branches of the dragon fruit in their own orchard have gradually yellowed, partly are accompanied by dry rot and decay, and the fruit is small and lackluster. The growers couldn't find the cause and were very worried that the harvest in this year will be severely affected or even lost. In response to the urgent needs of fruit farmers, the technical team of Brightmart Cropscience took action immediately after receiving information from the fruit growers, and rushed to various planting bases to carry out field investigations.  

After observation, analysis, testing and comprehensive comparison by technicians on site, it was finally confirmed that the root-knot nematodes is main cause for the damage of the dragon fruit in the south. According to technicians, root-knot nematodes mainly pierce the roots of dragon fruit with a stylus on their heads, the venom they produce causes deformity and swelling of roots, the ability to absorb water and fertilizer will plummet, and they carry other pathogens into the roots, causing root rot and necrosis. And then finally led to the death of dragon fruit. The dragon fruit infected with root-knot nematodes have no obvious symptoms in the aboveground part at the early stage, but at the late stage, the stems and leaves appear yellowing with no luster, the fruits are small and the taste is poor.  

Root-knot nematodes under the microscope.
Some fruit growers asked: What cause a massive outbreaks of root-knot nematodes?

The technicians explained that this is mainly due to the long-term neglect of root-knot nematodes by growers, and missed the best period for prevention and control. In addition, there is more rain in the south and poor drainage in the field, which will lead to excessive humidity and the breeding and spread of pathogens, cause an occurrence of mix infection with other diseases.

Dragon fruit root-knot nematode disease.
Aim at root-knot nematodes damage, the technicians put forward some prevention and cure suggestions to fruit growers: strengthen orchard management, prune diseased branches and fruits in time, clear them out of the orchard and burn them or landfill them. Apply foliar fertilizer at the right time, supplement potassium and phosphorus to enhance plant resistance.

In addition to improving the level of field management, chemical control is also indispensable. Dragon fruit, a crop with high commercial value, requires high-quality nematicides to prevent root-knot nematodes. For example, the Ligenda® series, which has a good reputation among users on the market, is effective and safe.

Before planting, apply Ligenda® granules to mix with fertilizer or fine soil, in furrow application, hole application or broadcast application(3-5 kg per mu).

Ligenda® granules have high efficacy and strong permeability, and adopt the unique adsorption type carrier particle and slow-release technology, which has long-lasting efficacy and thorough prevention. It has high safety for crops and does not harm to the roots. It is the first choice for green and pollution-free agriculture.

During the growth period of dragon fruit, dilute Nematix® with water 800-1500 times to irrigate the roots. It is more effective to apply with water-soluble fertilizers.

Nematix® has rich sea creature essence, which can kill nematodes that invade the roots of crops, so that can recover the growth vigour of the crops quickly, and kill the root-knot nematodes outside the roots quickly at the same time. It protects the roots from damage constantly, it can also reduce the occurrence of various pests and diseases. Strengthen the root system and improve the quality of the dragon fruit.