Control Solutions on Common Pests of Roses.

1. Nematodes
Root-knot nematode is the serious problems on crops. Root-knot nematodes penetrate root epidermis of crops by second instar nematodes larvae and invade crops roots, causing root nodules. Especially lateral roots and fibrous roots are severely damaged. More seriously, irregular tumors occur on upper part of root knots, which causes thick root system and uneven root surface. Moreover, roots gradually rot and plants die due to lack of water.

With the rapid expansion of flower cultivation area, the number of root-knot nematode has increased year by year, and flowers yield loss has reached 30% to 50%. At the same time, damage caused by root-knot nematodes has aggravated occurrence of soil-borne fungal diseases and some bacterial diseases such as wilt and root rot. Obviously, root-knot nematode has become a major obstacle to the current flower industry.

It is recommended to apply with BrightMart’s innovative nematicide ‘Lanli’, ‘Duofu’, ‘Shiwendo’ to eliminate root-knot nematodes.

2.Red spider mites:

Red spider is one of the most serious pests for rose producers. The damage of red spider to roses starts from bottom leaves, while mites adult and mites nymphs cluster on leaves back. Meanwhile, mites can use piercing-sucking mouthparts to suck rose juice form different organs, such as leaves, brunches, buds. In this case, mites bring mechanical damage and poison on roses, causing roses growing and flowering abnormally. Damaged flowers are rigid, and quality of cut flowers is defected, which affects the economic benefits of rose growers.

It is suggested to apply with BrightMart’s excellent miticide ‘Shiling’ to control red spider.



When flowers are damaged by thrips, silver-gray stripes or flakes occur, causing leaves distorting and tender tips curling.
BrightMart’s high-quality insecticide ‘Shrika’ has excellent effect on thrip control.


Aphids suck flower nutrients through their mouthparts. Aphids easily gather on young leaves, tender stems, flower buds, and top buds. In severe cases, aphid causes leaves to curl, wither, and brings insect galls. Insect galls spread virus diseases, seriously affects roses growing and flowering.
BrightMart’s insecticide ‘Rebuild’ provides great control on aphid.