Different Results of Growing Tobacco.

In recent years, with the optimization adjustment the of tobacco planting layout and the influence of atmospheric greenhouse effect. In China's major tobacco production areas, the damage area caused by tobacco root-knot nematode disease is increasing year by year.

Root-knot nematode disease has gradually become the first disease in tobacco production in most tobacco producing areas. Especially in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi and other major tobacco producing areas, the damage to tobacco is very serious.  


The damage of root-knot nematodes is aggravated with the increase of multiple cropping index and the increasing severity of continuous cropping. Normally, after being infected by root-knot nematodes, the production can reduce by 10%~20% in the tobacco areas, it can reduce by 30%~40% in severe cases. Once the root-knot nematodes mixed infection with other diseases, it even may lead to a zero production. At present, according to incomplete statistics, the economic loss caused by root-knot nematodes during tobacco production process is even up to over 90%.


After infected by root-knot nematodes, the content of Indole-3-acetic acid in tobacco increased significantly. Then the roots produce giant cells, they are the root-knots that are visible to our naked eye. The roots of attacked tobacco plants are shorter and the fibrous roots are fewer. Root-knot nematodes cause root system atrophy and distortion of the infected tobacco. Thereby, cause the tobacco plants to lose the transmission function, to have difficulty in assimilate nutriment, and even cause root rot.

                  Tiny root-knot nematode:                                          Root-knot nematode eggs,
             the body length is less than 1 mm.                            the egg-laying amount is 500~3000.

In general, tobacco may occur the phenomena of wilting and yellowing after being infected by root-knot nematodes. In severe cases, the whole plant will die, the quality and yield of tobacco leaves will be much affected. At the same time, root-knot nematodes may induce the occurrence of other diseases, Such as black shank, bacterial wilt, black rot, root rot and so on.

In view of the characteristics of root-knot nematodes infecting tobacco, two great nematicides products are specially designed to boost the production of high-quality tobacco by Brightmart Cropscience.
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After Nematix is applied: plant height growth is 82%, plant stems are 22% thicker. 
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1.IOCAS (Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Science) helped design the product. The pesticide liquid is rich in sea essence and has extraordinary effect.
2.High security. Particularly adding QME blue safener. It’s secure and high-efficiency used at the rosette stage.
3.Select elaborately high-end active ingredients. The efficacy has obvious advantages compared with low-end pesticides. Reduce application repetitions. Save save time and labor.
4.Effective on both nematode adults and larvae. Fast control on nematode persistently and inhibit damage straightaway.
5.The new-type multifunctional nematicide: Nematix can sterilize and prevent diseases. Restore the damaged roots of crops and promote rooting.


Product Feature
1. Double strong nematicidal ingredients. Kill the nematodes quickly. Protects the roots from damage constantly and effectively. 
2. Select elaborately high-efficiency avitamin and fosthiazate . The efficacy has obvious advantages compared with low-end pesticides.