Timing is very important for maize field weeding.

Due to high temperature and rain, weeds are growing rapidly in maize field, weeding should be done in time.

When the spring maize is in the jointing stage, and part of it enters the flowering and silking stage. With the increase of sunshine, temperature and rain, sufficient light and heat conditions will be conducive to the vigorous growth of corn.

However, in the hot and rainy season, there are many types of weeds in the field, a large number, rapid growth, and high consumption of nutrients. If they are not removed in time, it will affect the robust growth of corn, thereby affecting the yield and quality of corn.

Using Maizelent can effectively control the growth of weeds. It has the characteristics of broad spectrum, long lasting, safety, and weed resistance control. Weeds die quickly after application, and no recurrence.

This product is resistant to rain erosion as well. Rainfall after 6 hours of application will not affect the results, and no need to re-spray.

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